High quality tutors

All tutors are experienced, thoroughly vetted, and have a proven track record of producing excellent results.

Safe and trusted

Over 1256 parents have used HEARTPRINT TUTORS to improve their kids’ results, get help with homework and pass exams.

Tailored to your child

Every lesson is tailored to strengthen your child’s weak areas and help them master any subject.

Home Tutors

Home Tutor in Lekki / Ajah axis from Heartprint is expected to provide coaching individually to one student or two-three as a batch. He/She is expected to provide guidance on the subject/s depending on qualification and expertise. There are differences between a teacher and a home tutor. A teacher can only be expected to convey his responsibility in grooming a student within the stipulated school hours. But, a Home Tutor is always available for providing suggestion.

A Good home tutor from Heartprint is able to develop interests in the mind of the students. Proper guidance can make a student comfortable in one subject where he/she was weak earlier. Involvement in students can be induced in the targeted topics.

Heartprint Tutors provides home tutors for all subjects and classes in Lagos. As a Private Tutor Provider we maintain a huge database of home tutors from various cities of Lagos.

Child Centered

Teaching is most effective when the learner is ready to learn. With Gradely, you determine the frequency of the tutoring sessions; Choose the time and date that works best for your child.

Measurable Progress

Make data-driven decision; Get access to Heartprint learning analytics dashboard which will help you track the impact of every tutoring session in real-time

Extra Resources

In addition to the tutoring sessions, Heartprint gives your child access to gamified practice modules and eLearning videos tailored towards your child’s learning needs.

How does it work?

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